Bargainator - The Customer Journey

The Customer Journey

The shopping experience is changing.

From the local high street to the online marketplace, shoppers are looking for something more. For a while now, companies and brands have been looking towards gamification as a way to improve customer engagement and improve their overall experience.

For store owners, this has added a new dimension: Their stores are no longer simply places for digital transactions, they are platforms from which they can learn and communicate with their customers.

This is where Bargainator steps in.

Bargainator is the world's leading sales assistant chatbot. It's an app powered by artificial intelligence which conducts real-time conversations via messages with your customers. It has been built to simulate exactly how a human would assist in a store and specifically engineered to let shoppers discuss a discount and reach a deal. But it doesn't stop there, Bargainator aims to assist and create a rich shopping experience from when shoppers arrive on-site and all along their journey. He is even working on his memory to remember visitors on their next visit.


From the moment a customer arrives at your online store, Bargainator will greet them and can be fully customized to the nuances of every brand.


Use Bargainator to announce latest brand news and ongoing promotions. Bargainator is more discreet and way less intrusive than annoying popups.

Bargain discount

Giving away discounts the sake of it tends to devalue your brand and shoppers are less likely to use them if they don't feel like it's special. By gamifying discounts using Bargainator negotiation skills, customers will have fun and are more likely to use it since they will feel like they have worked for it.

Custom Offers

Every customer is unique in their movements online - this is why Bargainator tracks visitor's online behaviors in order to make shoppers the best recommendation based on their interest.


Bargainator will send reminders to shoppers who did not use their discount or reach a deal manually via a custom offer email. He will also retarget abandoned chat session, cart and checkouts to recapture as many lost sales as possible for you.

Coming soon, customers will be able to benefit from multi-discount features. Shoppers will be able to bargain on many items and combine all their discounts during the same checkout. Time is money after all! Bargainator will eliminate the need for shoppers to make multiple orders in order to benefit from their discounts.

The customer journey is changing, and AI-powered apps are at the forefront of this movement. By turning a mundane task into rewarding interactions with predefined goals, the customer experience is enhanced. Gamification has been proven to motivate actions and engagement, as well as increase loyalty in your visitors.

The customer journey is no longer a simple transaction - it is a rich customer experience and that's exactly what Bargainator is about.