Bargainator - Features

Sell more with Bargainator

Bargainator offers a whole new shopping experience for your customers' while giving you the tools needed to grow your business. Hire Bagainator and let him do the work for you!

Engage with customer during their shopping journey

Here's how Bargainator works for you:

Greetings & Announcements

Who said shopping online had to be lonely?

Making customers feel welcome as soon as they arrive at your store is a great way to start their experience. Bargainator will greet every customer onto your site just as they would in store!

Once you have shoppers attention, make sure they know of any ongoing promotions, keep them in the loop with the latest brand news, or invite them to read your blog.

Engaging with customers early on their arrival will help reduce bounce rates and increase life-time value.

Email for discount

Capture more emails and grow your list in a non-intrusive way.

Use gamification to grow your email list in a discreet yet effective way! Our unique tool won't disturb the shopping flow. It's a great way to convert first time visitors into first time buyers, whilst steadily growing your list!

Bargain for discount

Bargainator is the world's first negotiation chatbot made for eCommerce.

This unique feature brings offering discounts to a whole new level of engagement.

Instead of offering discounts for no reason let your customers "work" for them.

Bargainator is the world's first negotiation chatbot made for eCommerce


Once Bargainator engage with your shopper in a negotiation chat, he has reached an amazing conversion level of up to 8.75% on customers stores just like yours.

Not? Retarget

From the moment a visitor arrives at your store, Bargainator only goal is to make sales for you...

and he never quits! if he doesn't succeed the first-time around, Bargainator will retarget shoppers using an automated sequence to convert lost sales.

1st-time visitor
1st-time buyer
Repeat customer
Lifetime supporter

Tools for Growth

Bargainator offers shoppers a one-of-the-kind customer experience. For merchants, it's all about the tools to grow your business!

Set up Campaign

Set up your campaigns with ease in just a few clicks, on selected products or collections.

Once your campaigns are running, use the stats provided within the Bargainator dashboard to do A/B testing, conversion rate optimization and watch your campaigns fuel your growth!

Chat Takeover

The most popular feature with our merchants!

Take over Bargainator at any time during any chat in progress, and interact with shoppers in real time. Gain valuable insights into your customers' and give them a whole new level of shopping experience.

Bargainator understands that time is money! Save some by simply asking Bargainator to notify you when any new sessions are underway.

Grow your List

Intrusive pop-ups are a thing of the past.

Shoppers do not want this kind of interaction anymore when browsing online. Bargainator is the perfect replacement for pop-ups and allows you to collect more emails with a non-intrusive and discreet widget.

Last Offer

When an offered discount fails to convert, Bargainator will send you a transcript of the chat session along with the visitors last offer.

Knowing what your visitors are ready to pay for your product is invaluable feedback! From there you will be able to accept the customer's last offer or make a counter offer, using the automated retargeting templates.

Nurture your Leads

Statistics show that only 3% of your visitors are ready to buy now! 47% of shoppers would purchase at another time, while the last 50% will not.

Don't miss out on potential sales and use Bargainators automated remarketing features to keep potential clients in the loop, ready for future conversions.

Volume Discount

Set different discounts as per the quantity of items added to the shopper's cart. Offer better discounts for high volume purchases.

Slick Look

Bargainator Chatbot widget is fully customizable to match your brand's vibe and integrates seamlessly to your store.

Template Editor

All automated retargeting emails can be fully customized using our simple email template editor.

Premium Customer Service

We can be reached in a single click directly from the app dashboard. We are always here to help. Our client's success is our top priority! Don't take our word for it, see our reviews!

Hire Bargainator and Start growing with ease!

The intelligent sales assistant chatbot of the future. Using state of the art AI technology, Bargainator will begin generating extra revenue in minutes. Simply enable our pre-built interaction tools and campaign template and away you go!