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Top Marketing Tips for Retail Startups

The e-commerce landscape is perpetually evolving. New technologies sweep in and redefine new trends. Tools like Bargainator have been created with the customer's experience as its key objective. The following tips provide some suggestions on how to make your business more successful in 2019, and beyond.

The Bargainator Story

It's with a little bit of sadness but LOT'S of excitement we announce that Bargainator is flying the Molsoft nest with new features, design, and pricing!

The Customer Journey

The shopping experience is changing - from the local high street to the online marketplace - customers are looking for something more.

What is Bargainator

A highly sophisticated app that uses AI technology to conduct real-time conversations with your customers.

What is a Chatbot? (and why you should care)

We break down the three main types of chatbots, and how you can use them.

The Art of Negotiation

The top 10 hard-bargaining tactics used in negotiation.

The Psychology of Pricing

We study the psychology behind pricing, so you don't have to.