Bargain Chatbot DONE

Engage | Discount | Convert: The first ever negotiation chatbot is now on Shopify! Engage directly with your customers, let them bargain for a discount, convert more with gamification.

Retargeting DONE

Bargainator will now be able to retarget visitors who did not use their discount, or that did not reach a deal manually via a custom offer email templates, containing discounts or other relevant offers.

Auto Retargeting DONE

Retargeting features will now be automated to convert potential customers. Bargainator will be able to send personalized offers and discounts tailored entirely to the customers intent of purchase.

Capture Email DONE

Capture more emails and grow your list using Bargainators gamified chatbot to offer discount in exchange of their emails. It's a great way to convert first time visitors into first time buyer.


Using the latest AI technology, Bargainator will now be able to track visitors online behaviors in order to provide the best insights and make the best unique offers, to every customer.

Abandoned cart/checkout retargeting

Bargainator retargeting features will be extended to the abandoned cart and checkout section of your eCommerce store. Merchants will be able to retarget customers using a customizable Bargainator email template, rather than the Shopify basic email.


Bargainator will implement multi-discount features, to allow customers to bargain on many items and combine all their discounts during at the same checkout. This solution has been provided so customers can eliminate the need to make multiple orders in order to benefit from their discounts.


Using the power of AI, Bargainator will know which product your customer is interested in and combine it with the right discount, to create the highest converting offer possible, every time! Upsell will bring negotiation to a whole new level, by offering complementary products to the ones being bargained on!

Upgrading Chatbot

The Chatbot upgrade will extend Bargainator capabilities beyond negotiation, and into customer service. Bargainator will now have the ability to help and guide customers as they shop online, whilst offering them unique discounts.

Customizable chatbot personality

Merchants will be able to select from a selection of fully customizable 'personalities' for their Bargainator chatbot, depending on what would best fit your store.

Facebook Messenger

In addition to emails, Bargainator will move its chat onto the Facebook messenger channel, to increase its reach and become the best converting eCommerce app on the market!


Integrate the WooCommerce platform.


Integrate the BigCommerce platform.