Bargainator - What is Bargainator

What is Bargainator

Conjures up images of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a Moroccan souk, doesn't it? It's certainly got the brawn and muscle but in fact, it's a highly sophisticated app that uses AI technology to conduct real-time conversations with your customers- all courtesy of our resident tech experts here at Bargaintor, and the good news is, it doesn't stop there!

Bargainator is the world's leading intelligent sales assistant chatbot. It will greet customers on your behalf and with a customizable appearance, will seamlessly embed itself within the design of your e-commerce store.

Chatbots are typically used for customer service, but that's where Bargainator differs: it's specifically engineered to let shoppers haggle a discount and reach a deal. Bargainator is able to simulate genuine human interaction and simply put, this feature converts clicks into sales. Let Bargainator do the hard work for you!

'This sounds amazing! Tell me more!' I hear you say.

Engagement + Interaction

Imagine an app that could greet your customers both old and new, make announcements on your behalf and capture shoppers' contact details, all whilst gamifying the customer journey through fun, real-time discount negotiations.

Sounds good, right?

Bargainator is the first negotiation chatbot - designed specifically for e-commerce, it fuses technology with a more human, playful touch. This highly intuitive sales assistant chatbot gives shoppers the feel of being in a store, whilst online. As soon as Bargainator's chat session is underway shop owners can intervene at any time. Bargainator provides innovative insights into who your customers are, and what they want.


Bargainator is a goldmine of data. From email capture to customer behaviour tracking, this app is a highly functional tool. Bargainator's primary goal is to sell to a shopper and if this is not achieved right away, it will automatically retarget unused discounts, failed deals and abandoned chat sessions as well as abandoned carts and checkouts. In essence, this intelligent chatbot has been designed and engineered to make you sell more and increase conversions, and that's exactly what it does.


Bargainator's dashboard provides comprehensive tracking info and analytics for store owners, whilst offering unique insights for upselling to shoppers. Its functionality allows shoppers' behaviour to be tracked and used for insightful retargeting.

Bargaining: the cultural aspect

If you are from North America, bargaining a discount of goods might not be something you do on a regular basis. However, in a lot of countries, haggling is ALWAYS a fun part of the process.

Bargainator offers an excellent opportunity for people selling worldwide, especially in emerging markets.


A lot of our customers ditch their sale/clearance section and replace that with a bargain room. The gamification of the customer journey only adds excitement to the process. Studies have shown that when customers 'work' for their discounts they are much more likely to use their 'reward.'

Bargainator also offers an array of features for shop owners to get the very most out of this outstanding piece of technology!

Customizable email templates

Bargainator sends email to your customers with their discount code whenever a deal is reached or to remind them of their discount to increase conversion. These emails are fully customizable! Just by clicking the Settings tab and selecting Email Templates, you will be able to change everything; texts, colors, logos, call to action button and more to fit your brand and test retargeting strategies.


Like many of you already know, emojis are a great way to increase engagement when conversing with a customer. They are fun, friendly and add that special personal touch.

Merchants: Get in touch!

It's now easier than ever to get in touch with our support team if you have any questions and receive answers fast! Just look for the orange chat icon in the bottom right corner of your Bargainator dashboard.