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Bargainator is an intelligent sales assistant chatbot that engages with visitors and retargets to increase conversion.


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Bargainator is a sales assistant chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence that interacts with your visitors in real-time, from the moment they arrive on your site until after they have left using every skill it has. Let Bargainator do the work for you.


All the benefits of being in a store, but online! Bargainator will engage with visitors and improve their shopping experience using gamified interaction.


From the moment a shopper arrives at your store, Bargainator's only goal is to sell. If it doesn't succeed the first time round, Bargainator will retarget shoppers using an automated sequence to convert lost sales.


Bargainator tracks every action made by visitors to your eCommerce store and uses these insights to create personalized offers that are based on their unique behaviors and interests.

Engage with shoppers


Bargainator will greet shoppers as soon as they arrive on your site and make them feel welcome from the start. While you have their attention, make sure they are aware of your news, updates or any ongoing promotions by allowing Bargainator to make announcements on your behalf.

Capture Email

Capture more emails and grow your list using Bargainators gamified chatbot to offer discount in exchange of their emails. It's a great way to convert first time visitors into first time buyer.


Say good bye to the old and boring way of offering discounts for the sake of it and let your customers haggle for it. Bargainator is the world first negotiation chatbot for eCommerce. Shoppers are more likely to take advantage of their discount if they have "work" for it.

Made deals

Once a deal is made by Bargainator, a discount code will be sent via a fully customizable email template to your customer. Use this email to engage customer with your brand and increase conversion


Leads by Bargainator

Bargainator never quits! As soon as customers negotiate a discount, it triggers a fully customizable email sequence built specifically to convert lost sales.

Coming soon

Abandoned Carts and Checkouts

Bargainator will access your customers' abandoned carts and checkouts to help convert those 'almost buyers' into happy, returning customers!

Track everything on your store

  • Customer behavior

    Track the online behavior of your visitors to gain relevant information about their interests. With these insights, Bargainator creates personalized offers for your customers.

  • Abandoned Cart

    Bargainator is the only app that allows you to retarget abandoned cart before customers reach the checkout. Bargainator recaptures more lost sales than any other tool.

  • Email Capture

    Email marketing continues to be one of the most successful ways to make more sales when properly executed. Use our unique chatbot skills to grow your email list.

The numbers don't lie!

Thousands of happy customers. Thousands of sales. One Bargainator.






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